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About Bobby Loncar

Bobby Loncar is a lifelong resident of the 10th Ward. He grew up in the Vets Park neighborhood, where his family settled as immigrants in 1968. He is a proud graduate of Sacred Heart School, Bishop Noll Institute, the University of Illinois and the John Marshall Law School. While in law school, he married his high school sweetheart, Natalie Goldyn, also a lifelong resident of the tenth ward. When they met, she was working at the family pizza restaurant, Mancini’s in Hegewisch. They currently live in the East Side neighborhood, where they are raising their three children.

As a first generation American and the son of immigrants, Bobby understands the issues facing today’s immigrant communities. While pursuing his education and, eventually, a law degree, he was ultimately pursuing the American Dream. While in law school, he worked with the John Marshall Law School Fair Housing Clinic, where he obtained first-hand experience working in a law practice setting and fought for the rights of victims of housing discrimination.

After graduating law school and passing both the Illinois and Indiana bar exams, Bobby spent a year in private practice prior to starting his own firm, Loncar Law, Ltd. In going out on his own, Bobby believed that it was important to maintain a strong presence and be actively involved in his own community. Since the Commercial Avenue corridor in South Chicago had historically been considered the downtown area for the entire southeast side (uptown), he chose South Chicago as the location for his practice. He has since been actively involved in the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves as President of both the East Side Chamber of Commerce and the Southeast Chicago Dog Park Committee. Bobby sits on the Board of Commissioners for SSA No. 5 – Commercial Avenue and serves as co-Vice President for the South Chicago Development Corp.

About the 10th Ward

The tenth ward is the largest of Chicago’s 50 wards. It lies on the farthest southeast corner of the City and includes the communities of Hegewisch, East Side, South Chicago, the Bush, Vets Park, Slag Valley, South Deering, Jeffery Manor and Calumet Heights. In its heyday, this area attracted people from all over Chicagoland and the world. People were drawn by the area’s economic might – most notably the steel mills. At this time, middle class families not only worked in the area, but wanted to live in the area, raising their children in their modest Chicago bungalows and sending them to area schools.

Since the decline in the American steel industry, the tenth ward has experienced many of the problems associated with the rust belt – higher unemployment, higher crime rates and overall disinvestment in the community. Many families had to leave the area for other parts of the country in search of work. Others left not in search of work, but for what they perceived to be a more desirable place to live. Notwithstanding these issues, the communities of the tenth ward have withstood the test of time. While many families have left, many more continue to reside here with roots deep in the community over generations.

Despite the issues facing the communities of the tenth ward, Bobby Loncar believes that the area holds boundless potential. South Chicago is home to 600 acres of undeveloped lakefront property – the largest tract of undeveloped lakefront property in the United States. The southernmost lakefront park in the City of Chicago, Calumet Park, lies in the East Side neighborhood and boasts 200 acres of parkland. The East Side is also home to Eggers Grove, 241 acres of forest preserve. Adjacent to Eggers Grove, William W. Powers State Recreation Area, in Hegewisch, is the only state park within city limits and the only location within the City of Chicago where hunting is allowed. South Deering is home to Big Marsh, Chicago’s first eco-recreation park right here in the heart of the Calumet Region.

The tenth ward is also home to numerous commercial districts – Commercial Avenue in South Chicago; Torrence Avenue in South Deering; Ewing Avenue in the East Side; and Baltimore Avenue in Hegewisch – each with unlimited potential. Unfortunately, these districts have suffered from decades of disinvestment.

Bobby Loncar believes that the communities of the tenth ward have the tools necessary to reach their full potential. South Chicago has one of the oldest Special Service Areas in the City. The tenth ward is served by three chambers of commerce and nine TIF districts. Aldermanic menu money is also available as a tool for the entire ward. Most importantly, the tenth ward is a part of the vibrant world-class city known as Chicago, the economic engine that drives the midwest. Susan Sadlowski-Garza lacks vision and has been unable to properly utilize these tools to the advantage of tenth ward communities and residents. It’s time for change.

Bobby Loncar knows what it takes to be an effective representative for the people of the tenth ward and he has the ability to work effectively with anyone to make our communities great places to live and call home.